Spotlight: How Andy Warhol’s Chrysanthemum Prints Celebrated Japanese Culture

Shapero Modern’s set of Andy Warhol’s three ‘KIKU’ screen prints were featured in Artnet Gallery Network Buyer's Guide this month.

“This body of work demonstrates the global influence of Warhol and his popularity with Japanese collectors. In “Kiku,” the artist appealed directly to his audience with his subject matter. These bold yet delicate images are luminescent examples of his skill as a printmaker and colorist. With “Kiku,” Warhol produced a stunning set of images that are striking in their elegance. Characterized by crisp vivid color and layered forms, the portfolio retains its dynamism and impact even 35 years after its creation. Combining both abstraction and a naturalism that describes the flower’s form, the series is a poetic representation of a flower, layered with symbolic meaning.”

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