Myths: The Shadow, 1981

    The Shadow' was one of several popular, American fictional characters that Warhol drew inspiration from for a series of prints called 'Myths' in 1981. This figure (The Shadow) first appeared on the radio in the 1930s before the stories were developed into a comic-strip. For other prints in the series Warhol had models dress up as different characters but for this photo, which was a basis for a print, he dispensed with The Shadow's broad-rimmed hat, black cloak and red scarf and simply had himself photographed with a strong, cast shadow of his profile. Warhol identified with this character which had no substance. As he said in 1967: ""If you want to know about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me, and there I am. There's nothing behind it"".

    Screenprint in colours with diamond dust on Lenox Museum Board, 1981, signed and numbered from the edition of 200
    Printed by Rupert Jasen Smith, New York, Publisher Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc., New York Sheet, 96.5 x 96.5cm

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