Stephen Walter – Nova Utopia

13th – 30th April, 2016
Private View: Tuesday, 12th April, 6 – 8.30pm

‘Your future dream is a shopping scheme.’ – Anarchy in the UK, Sex Pistols

Shapero Modern is delighted to present a new print by the acclaimed British artist Stephen Walter.

Entitled Nova Utopia, the artwork is inspired by Thomas More’s philosophical novel Utopia, and a map of the world he imagined drawn by Abraham Ortelius. More’s book, which was published 500 years ago in 1516, depicts a complex, self-contined world set on an island in which communities share a common culture and a way of life. Walter’s map updates this to the 21st century, showing a world of mass tourism, package holidays, retirement homes, luxury resorts, banking districts and cultural hotspots.

Nova Utopia is presented inside a ‘Hagioscope Frame’, with a movable magnifying glass lens, so rather than Utopia being a place for everybody, only one person may view a detail of the map at a time, creating a very personal, local experience that becomes a kind of metaphor for how utopias may be seen today.

Says Walter: ‘This map is essentially a collection of a number of utopian and dystopian manifestations, some that I yearn for, and also some of the things that I wish didn’t exist.’


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